GHOST touring bikes – mountain bikes with endurance!

Make every day an adventure, explore the city or immerse yourself in nature – anything and everything is possible with a GHOST touring bike!

Our touring mountain bikes are the ideal option for beginners and occasional riders. They’re both reliable and comfortable – the perfect combination for forest paths, easy-going meadows, gravel roads or short trips around the city!

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For easy trails and a good time out in nature: GHOST touring bikes

Do you like to spend your free time going on long off-road bike tours? Do you prefer to ride forest paths and gravel on your touring bike?

Are you looking for a touring bike that is equally suited for weekend adventures and short everyday rides? Then GHOST touring bikes are just the thing for you!


All our touring models are hardtail mountain bikes with 100 to 120 mm suspension travel. They feature either 29- or 27.5-inch wheels and our TractionLink suspension system.

It’s a technology that ensures drive neutrality and excellent traction regardless of the terrain.

GHOST touring bikes with TractionLink

Our TractionLink technology absorbs the hardest hits as well as the lighter bumps. It softens most terrain even on the most demanding rides.

TractionLink means big advantages for you as a rider:


·        Maximum propulsion without bounce

·        Vertical absorption

·        Permanent grip

·        Extra reserves when riding

·        Composure on the bike

·        Energy savings

·        Increased concentration on your route


Our 25 years of passion for mountain bikes is also reflected in the GHOST touring bikes. Our bikes stand for quality, trust, reliability and innovation.

If you are looking for a touring bike that can handle a wide range of riding but don’t want to skimp on the performance of a top mountain bike – look no further than GHOST touring bikes!

This is the GHOST touring bikes line-up

If you are the type of adventurer to ride a touring mountain bike almost daily, then this is the bike for you!

Whether it’s gravel roads, city streets or forest trails and paths, a GHOST touring bike is a compact and reliable companion.

But which is the best touring bike? Below is a brief look at the models:


·        GHOST NIRVANA TOUR LINEthe touring bike for every day: Whether it’s on the road, on your way to the lake or just out on some easy trails – the NIRVANA TOUR guarantees a good time on or off the beaten path.

·        GHOST KATO LINEthe perfect beginner touring mountain bike: The GHOST KATO models are fast, agile hardtails. These touring bikes are fun, whippy, and efficient on ascents. There is also a wide range of design and component options. With a KATO you'll find the touring mountain bike that's just right for you!

·        GHOST LANAO LINEa true touring bike for women: Do you want to take the plunge and get out on some trails on your touring bike? The LANAO line has a lower step-through and might just be the perfect choice for you. This touring bike impresses with a smooth roll and solid yet easy handling.

Which touring bike is the right one for me?

GHOST touring bikes are all defined by a simple yet robust design. They are ready for a wide range of uses and but still possess a lot of technical sophistication.

To find the right touring bike for the riding you want to do, keep these details in mind when making your decision:


·        Suspension fork: GHOST touring bikes have a suspension travel of 100 to 120 mm. This makes them perfect for forest paths, loose ground, light trails and city streets. They have a high load capacity and are ideal if you are a newcomer to mountain biking.

·        Frame size: When choosing the right size frame, it is important to get the right combination of geometry and contact points (handlebars, pedals, and saddle). This prevents you from wasting energy while riding and ensures you get maximum performance.

·        Wheel size: Our touring mountain bikes are available with either 29- or 27.5-inch wheels. The tyres provide you with a comfortable ride when you’re off-road, which means even more challenging trails are relaxing.

·        The gears: Your GHOST touring bike will allow you to ride on roads in the city as well as off-road in the country. The more gears a bike has, the more flexible it is in varying terrain. This lets you consistently find the right cadence for any situation or trail.

·        The saddle: If you want to use your touring bike not only for short rides but also for more ambitious distances, you will need to find a narrower, harder saddle. This may sound counter-intuitive in terms of comfort, but they provide better support for your backside. It is well worth getting used to it!

·        The componentry: If you want to use your touring bike in the city as well as in the country, it will need features that comply with street traffic laws (StVO in Germany). GHOST bikes have compliant lighting and brake systems.

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