The specialists among hardtail mountain bikes: dirt bikes from GHOST

GHOST Dirt Bikes are characterised by a robust design and compact geometry. If you like extremes, you need extraordinary materials. Our dirt bikes are made for big jumps and can withstand tricks in the city, on dirt jump trails or biker-cross tracks!

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Made for extremes: Dirt Bikes from GHOST

GHOST Dirt Bikes are made for jumps and fun: The dirt bike category refers to a particularly stable and robust mountain bike with compact geometry.

You ride a 26-inch bike like a BMX for jumps and tricks in a bike or dirt park. These bikes are designed for purely sporting purposes.

They differ from other MTBs in the following ways:


·        Dirt bike frames are made of steel or aluminium.

·        The top tube has a steep slope

·        The frame, handlebars and rims are designed for stability but are light at the same time.

·        Dirt bikes have a large suspension fork (80 to 120 mm travel).

·        The tyres are wide with a coarse tread

·        Dirt bikes usually only have one brake on the rear wheel


GHOST Dirt Bikes are all about speed and big hits! They are ideal if you like to spend your free time on dirt jump trails or in the bike park.

Our Dirt Bike MTBs are made of robust components that can withstand even the hardest landings. They’re ideal for cool stunts and new tricks in the half pipe or at the dual contest with your friends!


What makes a good dirt bike?

If you want to buy a new dirt bike, you should consider a few things in advance:


·        Type of riding: Are you a beginner or are you an experienced dirt bike rider who can already tackle more difficult jumps? Depending on your skill level, you should pay attention to the quality of the dirt bike. The bike should meet your requirements 100 percent – whether you prefer to ride over hard-pack hills or muddy terrain.

·        The gears and brakes: Dirt MTBs are designed to save weight. This is also why they typically only have a rear brake.  The same applies to the gears – a 1x system is usually enough. If you want quick bursts between jumps, one shifter can guarantee you the best possible acceleration.

·        The tyres: Do you ride your dirt bike exclusively on unpaved surfaces or also on roads? For difficult terrain we recommend tyres with strong tread and low rolling resistance. If you also ride on the road, then we recommend tyres with less tread. They are lighter and move faster on dry and straight surfaces (great for quickly switching between tricks).

·        The frame: This is the most important component of your dirt bike. It should be as light as possible but still be stable. That is why dirt bike frames are usually made of aluminium or steel.

·        The suspension fork: The suspension travel of the fork is usually between 80 and 120 mm so our dirt bikes can effectively absorb the impact of those big jumps. The higher and further you want to jump, the better the suspension fork needs to be.

·        The extras: Dirt bikes are minimalistic by design. Beyond your helmet to protect your head, you should definitely have a chain guide system of some sort. This keeps the chain from jumping off the chain wheel – even on big landings.

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