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Date of birth: July 17, 1989

Nationality: Germany

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 61-63 kg

Hobbies: Family, cooking/baking, nature, reading

Social media

Homepage Nadinerieder.com

Instagram: @riedernadine

Facebook athlete page: riedernadine

Nadine values her paternal Italian roots and family and home life are very important to her. She lives in a rural area in the German Allgäu region and still considers that region as prime training terrain. The mountains basically start at her back door and are a great source of relaxation for her.

“When I was 9 years old, I rode my first competition. My brother who is 2 years older than me was already actively involved in cycling and I wanted to have a cup, too. At first, I was too scared and despite suggesting that my parents could buy me a cup – which they denied – I ended up at the starting line eventually and finished in second place. That’s how it all started…”

In the beginning, Nadine also competed in cross-country skiing, but at age 14, she had to make a decision and choose one of the two. Maybe it is due to her Italian roots.

“When I started back up again, I needed a lot of willpower, but I slowly managed to battle my way back to the top. That was a time of many highs and mostly a lot of lows. But looking back I can honestly say that I learned a lot during that time and that it made me strong. By now, my sport has become my professional career. I think there is nothing better for an athlete than to be able to make a living from your hobby and that’s why I truly enjoy this time.” Nadine used to travel to all her races in “Team Family”. Without the support of her parents, she wouldn’t have been able to compete, and for that, she is extremely grateful to her them.

“Even though everything went really well, it was a lot for them to get everything organized. I am really happy to be able to rely on the support of a professional team now. I would like to grow and improve and I believe that, as a member of the GHOST team, I have the chance to develop my true potential. I would like to improve my technical skills first and foremost and the team gives me optimum support in this area. But I feel at home here in the team not only as an athlete, but also as a person. I am looking forward to my time with the team!!”

6x German Champion (3x Young talent XCO, 2x Elite XCE, 1x Elite XCM)

German Champion XCM 2020

Runner-up European Champion U23 XCM 2009

4th place World Championships XCE 2013

3rd place World Cup XCE 2013

7th place Overall World Cup XCE 2013

4th place Absa Cape Epic 2019

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