Tobias Remmele

Date of birth:15 October 2010
Height:154 cm
Weight:41 kg
Mentor:Carolin Bohe


MTB, Roadbike, swimming, skiing, hiking


Hey, this is Tobi. Even though I'm not the tallest yet, you shouldn't underestimate me even now.

At the age of 2, I got my first balance bike, with which I immediately had the experience of a small cut on my forehead. At the age of 4, I participated in my first MTB race at Lake Tegernsee, which I could finish in the midfield. Since then, the fever of being at starting lines and giving my all has gripped me.

Since I was 6 years old, I found my athletic home at the RVN Freising. Even though there are no big mountains near Freising, there is always a training opportunity. Whether exploring the surroundings on a road bike or conquering a trail bike course over pallets – a bicycle is usually involved.

When I'm not on a bike, I'm probably running, climbing a mountain, or doing swim training."

The summer before joining the GHOST Junior Team, I had the opportunity to compete as a guest rider in the European Championship for the team. Being a permanent member now is a long-awaited dream that I have worked hard for.

I just want to enjoy the team spirit and let myself be carried away. Riding races with you also means coming home a bit.

With great joy and a touch of coolness, I will represent the colors of the Ghost family."


12th German Championships (BNS)
19th XCO Junior European Championship
4th XCO Bavarian Championship
4th Overall ranking Bayernliga

2nd XCO Bavarian Championship
2nd Overall ranking Bayernliga

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