GHOST DEAL: Ride your Bike – SAVE 30 %

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Get your GHOST Deal and save up to 30 % on specific bikes. SAVE30 - your 30% voucher on our bike selection only available the GHOST online shop. Just enter the code SAVE30 at checkout.  

Secure your independence, versatility and speed. Get a bike that takes you almost anywhere - in an environmentally friendly way. Stay fit and save your time, which you won't waste in rush hour. Have fun and save space, because your new GHOST bike doesn't need much storage room. Ensure flexibility. Save your freedom! 

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This is why we love Bikes 

We love bikes. We love the versatility of bikes. We love the speed and freedom that bikes provide. We love that we can simply store our bikes in the apartment when space is tight and snake our way past traffic during rush hour. We love the sporty aspect of bikes and that they are one of the most environmentally friendly ways of transportation. We love that bikes take us everywhere: To work, to friends, into nature, into the unexplored and back home safely. We love how fast, flexible, and budget-friendly bikes are and we love that they are affordable. So: Save 30% in our Ride your Bike promotion now in the GHOST online store! 

Ride your Bike – Save …

Ride your Bike – Save your Space 

Ride your Bike – Save your Time 

Ride your Bike – Save your Energy 

Ride your Bike – Save your Vitamin D 

Ride your Bike – Save your Freedom 

Ride your Bike – Save your Fitness 

Ride your Bike – Save your Environment 

Ride your Bike – Save your Bike  

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