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*The promotion applies to all Asket modells that were purchased at GHOST online shop or at the dealer within the promotion period and were not returned within the return period.

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The gravel bike is an all-rounder and suitable for anyone who likes to combine fast rides on paved roads with routes through the terrain.

It is fast and offers versatile options in terms of bikepacking and longer tours. 

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* The cashback amount of 200€/CHF will be paid out at the earliest after expiry of the 30-day return period from the invoice date, but at the latest after 6 weeks. Cashback will only be refunded for promotional bikes purchased from dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland during the promotional period from 01.06.2024 to 31.08.2024 and registered using the online form. Returning/exchanging the promotion bike excludes participation in the promotion. For further information, please see the conditions of participation at https://sbj.promo/cashback5/GHOST

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