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Less weight, less fragile. More propulsion, more agility. You don’t need weighing scales to convince you of all the advantages of bikes that make do with only a front suspension. They are simple, fast and precise. Our Hardtails are built to be the leaders of the pack: They have a real thirst for action, are extremely good climbers and playful on the trails. While it naturally depends on the type to varying degrees, but from our Hardtails for the recreational rider to the mile-crunching bikes for marathon rider, are all bikes that are really benefiting from the developments of our World Cup racers.


Those who like being off the beaten track aren’t on the lookout for speed or for aggressive shred-ding. For back country bikers the thrill is elsewhere: it’s all about the outdoor experience far from the madding crowds. That is what has inspired our bikes for explorers and trail seekers. An allrounder, made for adventure and reliability and that has something to fall back on when things get tough in the outback: The Plus 27.5-inch tyres can also be swapped for 29-inch tyres, the ROAMR bag system can be easily attached and for the Fullies we integrate the sophisticated technology of our AMR platform, down to the very last detail.


If you were always out to combine the efficiency and simplicity of a Hardtail with the thrills of gravity,  then we are about to make you very happy indeed! Our Hardtrails could be described as the Zen masters in our collection: Built for riders who want to improve their technique and extend their hori-zons. For drivers with razor-sharp line selection, who know exactly what they want - and what they don’t. Our Hardtrails make an easy job of uphill sections and cane also take descents in their stride. Dynamic, playful, precise, aggressive - a new genus of bikes!

XC Race

Just before the start. You're in race mode. The seconds are being counted down, your pulse is rac-ing. Around you agitation and crowds, but you're focused - and your bike as well. Like you, our XC Race Hardtails just want to leap into action. They are extremely good climbers,agile on the trails and uncompromising on propulsion. In short: They are bikes for the leaders of the pack. At the same time, for marathon riders, we have specially constructed, well-designed bikes that allow you to lap up the miles. Regardless of the set-up: The models for amateur racers benefit in a big way from the racing machines developed for World Cup riders.

XC Tour

The best way to get away from it all: With our XC Tour models you can very quickly leave the city and everyday life behind you and take a dip into nature. There are bikes that are simply made to have a good time, whether on a spin around the lake or on forest and meadow trails Built we’ve built our Hardtails for a wide range of applications and even though they are straightforward and robust, they are also packed full of technical sophistication. They benefit shamelessly from the develop-ments of our top segments - which is why the value for money really is sensational.


If a "good time" for you means "massive airtime", then a dirt bike is the right bike for you - hardtails with compact 26" wheels, direct response and agile handling. These bikes are at home on pump tracks, jump lines and 4X tracks, perfect for those who want to jump, trick and really go full-throttle.

Our Dirt hardtails are developed in cooperation with Tomas Slavik - and the 2021 FourCross World Champion knows what matters in a bike!

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  • XC Tour
  • Dirt
  • XC Race
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  • Unisex
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  • Wheel size
  • 26
  • 27,5
  • 29
  • Material
  • Aluminium
  • Light Carbon
  • Ultra Light Carbon


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