For the greatest riding pleasure: Enduro e bikes from GHOST

These full-suspension MTBs are super tough and really show what they are made of when things get hairy: Enduro e bikes from GHOST. These bikes make the steepest descents, biggest hits and wildest jumps a piece of cake. Enduro e-bikes are the master class of e mountain bikes!

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This is what stands out with GHOST Enduro e bikes

You prefer action-packed and challenging trails? Well, that is exactly why Enduro electric bikes exist!


The geometry of an Enduro e bike is where all the magic happens: They allow you to climb smoothly and efficiently, but at the same time get you comfortably down trails in steep terrain.

Not a problem for full-suspension GHOST Enduro e bikes!

With our bikes you will really get your money's worth on even the most demanding trails. These e-bikes make you show what you're made of when it gets challenging and complex.

With the 160-mm suspension fork you’ll start looking for these obstacles instead of avoiding them:


·        Jumps

·        Steep descents

·        Big drops


The shock and rear triangle ensure that you can land safely again after every jump.

Thanks to the powerful Bosch motor, an Enduro e bike will get you up just about any mountain with ease. You’ll be relaxed when you get to the top and

the energy, stamina and concentration you save can then be devoted entirely to the descent!


Takes you safely up and down: GHOST Enduro e bikes

Our e Enduro MTB models are almost like a motocross bike among bikes. Full-suspension Enduro e bikes check off a lot of boxes:


- The big 29-inch front wheel tracks confidently and safely.

- The 27.5-inch rear wheel ensures excellent manoeuvrability.

- The suspension travel of 160 mm at the front and rear will get you reliably through any trail.

- The performance of the powerful Bosch motor guarantees efficient climbs.

- The fully-integrated battery has a terrific range.


Our e-Enduro MTBs are powerful bikes with plenty of playful instincts – perfect for challenging descents.

If you enjoy year-round alpine adventures away from work, you'll love our e-Enduros!


Which Enduro e bike should I buy?

If you're always looking for exciting and challenging trails that will push your skills, then an Enduro e bike is just the right thing for you. The components are all designed to make climbs effortless and descents safe:


·        Frame: Made of aluminium or carbon. These materials have the desired stiffness but are lighter and ride more smoothly.

·        Handlebars: For optimal control and fun, Enduro e bikes are equipped with short stems and wide handlebars.

·        Suspension: Lots of travel ensures safety, tames even the wildest terrain and always provides optimal traction.

·        Wheels: They withstand a lot when descending on rock with the heavier weight of an Enduro e bike. As such, they have reinforced axles and wide rims.

·        Tyres: In order for the full power of the motor to be transferred to the ground while riding, the wheels to maintain optimum traction. The 27.5 and 29-inch formats are therefore the best option.

·        Shifting: The 12-speed systems on our Enduro MTBs shine with big ratios that allow for different speed variations on ascents.


Our Enduro e bikes represent the master class of motorised bikes. They also benefit from more than 25 years of design experience, which we use to continuously develop and improve our mountain bikes. Superior frame technologies, award-winning designs, and unparalleled riding fun – that's what sets GHOST bikes apart!


Light e Enduro for minimalists

We developed light e mountain bikes to redefine the previous trend of increasingly powerful and louder e bikes. The light e Enduro Path Riot has the look of a conventional mountain bike, but combines the power of the discreet and quiet Fazua motor with the downhill riding fun of a potent Enduro bike.

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