Isla Short

Date of birth:18th September 1996
Height:153 cm
Weight:48-50 kg approximately


Munro bagging, reading, watersports, bikepacking, baking and dogs.


Cycling has always been a central part of my childhood. The adventure began on the back of a tandem or tricycle as I travelled around Scotland and Europe with my sisters and parents. As a teenager, I studied harp and piano at a music school for several years before rediscovering that being outdoors is much more fulfilling. There is a clear connection between well-being and nature. I am very fortunate to be able to live this out professionally every day. 

I think I discovered my cycling skills early on because I felt I had found my passion and my people after struggling to really get involved in a hobby as a child. 

As a teenager I raced at the top of international races without really thinking about what that might mean for my future. 

My path to racing was very organic, and it's only when I look back 10 years and think about how incredible, adventurous and full of stories my cycling career has been that I think about how special it is that I get to work at something I love.

As an U23 World Cup rider, I got a glimpse of what I could achieve by regularly finishing in the top 10, but two fourth places made me hungry for something bigger.

In my first four years as an elite racer I established myself as a racer with great potential, with 6 top 15 finishes in the World Cup. In 2020, the World Championships in Leogang was the best day of my career.

I know that my potential is still far beyond what I have achieved so far and I am very proud to be in the best position to build on it with such a great team. 


3rd XCM Tankwa Trek South Africa
2nd XCO British Cycling National Cross Country Series Round 3
1st XCO British Cycling National Cross Country Series Round 4
1st XCM British National Championships
2nd XCO British National Championships
5th XCO Greek MTB Series by Alter Bike Tours

3rd British National Championships XCO-XCC
1st Czech MTB Cup
1st UK National XC Series Round 3 and Round 5

1st British National Championships XCO

1st Argovia Vittoria-Fischer Cup Langendorf XCO, CH
3rd Górale na Start XCO, PL

2nd British National Championships XCO
1st XCO Górale na Start, PL

3rd British National Championships XCO
3rd Strabag Czech MTB cup XCO

4th UCI MTB World Cup U23 XCO, IT
2nd British National Championships XCO
2nd British XC Series Round 1 and Round 4

2nd Great Britain National MTB Championships XCO
2nd British XC Series Round 2 and Round 4

1st British National Championships XCO
6th European Continental Championships DE

2nd British National Championships XCO Junior

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