Neza Peterca

Date of birth:16 June 1988
Job:Outdoor gear designer and creative director
Hobbies:bikepacking and mountaineering


Cycling has been a big part of Neza’s life since her early age when she discovered road cycling. After her degree in graphic design she moved to Budapest, where she build a brand around urban cycling culture, called Blind Chic. Her involvement in cycling culture got her thinking how to get more women on bikes, so they organized a lot of female focused events and designed products they though were missing on the market. 

“I can say very confidently that cycling shaped how I live my life now. The experiences I got to live, the opportunities I was part of and the way how I see the world was all shaped by my involvement in cycling community.”


Rebel by heart, when Neza first heard about bikepacking about seven years ago, she wanted to try it immediately, without any prior experience. With a “how hard can it be” mindset, she went to bikepack Altravesur, a 1200km long route across Spanish mountains. Upon her return she was a bit shaken by the experience, but that lasted only a few months before she head out for another one across Dolomites. Since then, each year has been marked by a bikepacking trip, most of them solo or with other women. She states the most memorable have been the Cairngorm loop in Scotland and one from Lienz to Chamonix last summer. In 2023 she embarked on a grand adventure to cycle through Patagonia. During that time she encountered a lot of wind, beautiful landscapes and more devastating weather conditions. After a while she found wind flapping in her ears, the aggressive sun burning on the skin, and grit between the teeth grounding and enjoyable.

Neza carries her bike across the river

“For me bike-packing was always a tool to prove to myself that I can do hard stuff. As a woman, I heard it too many times that it’s too hard and too dangerous and I wanted to prove them wrong.”


In 2020 Neza started Sisters in the Wild - a bikepacking community for Women, where they could meet, exchange contact, ride together. Two meetups in Slovenia were followed by several events in UK and they are expanding Europe wide. Neza’s mission is to be a good example for other women, she believes that seeing other women do hard stuff encourages others to follow and try to do the same.


In 2021 Neza joined a Slovenian mountaineering course in aim to become a part of Mountain rescue team. She likes to take her bike for long approaches and her bike-packing trip from Lienz to Chamonix was a unique experience, since she was carrying all her mountaineering equipment to bag off some 4000m summits on the way. 

Neza Peterca

“The more sports you’re skilled in, the bigger your playground is! Mountain biking in combination with mountaineering is a whole new level of fun and I am really excited to explore all the possibilities!”

Neza Peterca

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