First World Cup Race 2022

11 April 2022

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Strong start to the season for GHOST Factory Racing and Junior Team 

The race on the new track near Petropolis in Brazil provided spectacular speed and the lead in the team classification for the team from Waldsassen.

2nd place for Anne Terpstra

  • 6th place for Caroline Bohé

  • 14th place for Nadine Rieder 

  • Rank 24 for Nicole Koller

Anne Terpstra was visibly satisfied with her second place behind Rebecca McConnell after a courageous race and an intermediate lead.

Caroline Bohe drinking before start

Where did the season opener take place?
It was Brazil! More precisely, the first World Cup of the season took place in Petrópolis. A city located 68 kilometres northeast of the iconic city of Rio de Janeiro.

It gained historical fame mainly as the residence for the Brazilian imperial family in the 19th century. For the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, the area is especially important on hot days to cool down from the big city heat.

Petrópolis is a popular holiday destination worldwide. Tourism there provides a strong boost to the local economy.

What was the route like?

In the last few decades, Petrópolis has become the Brazilian mountain biking capital.

The reason for this is the forests, the mountains in the north of the city, but also the climate in the region.

The track is located in the São José Bike Club, which is based there.

One thing was clear at first glance: the track cannot be compared to tracks that athletes in Europe and North America are used to.

Anne Terpstra in action in Brazil

"Henrique Avancini Circuit" track

  • 4.5 kilometres long

  • About 200 metres of it is uphill

  • Mainly light dirt

  • Very slippery in the rain

  • Speed-heavy in dry conditions

In short, it's a fast track known for being physical.

What's next?
There is a lot to celebrate after this opener. But the party mood is unlikely to last too long. The GHOST Factory Racing Team is already on its way to the second World Cup on 6-8 May. This time in GHOST's home country, Germany. Albstadt here we come!

Junior Team emulates!
The Junior Team also celebrated a podium victory last weekend.

GHOST Junior Racer Noah Sinner took first place in the national junior classification Hausach in the Black Forest. His team colleagues Josefine Weingand (6th place) and Filomena Klug (10th place) also had a successful race weekend.  

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