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GHOST Factory Racing Team

GHOST Bikes has kept close ties to the sport of mountainbiking and has been a competent partner for top international riders for years. After several professional engagements in the racing sport world, GHOST founded its very own Factory Racing Team in 2011. The goal: to implement creative cooperation between manufacturer and athletes in the racing world. 

The Olympic Gold Medal success in Beijing in 2008 was not the first example of what GHOST bikes could do, even though “GOLD on GHOST” silenced the last critics. The next coup followed just a year later: on top of winning three UCI Cross Country World Cup races, Lisi Osl also secured the World Cup Overall Championship title on her GHOST HTX Lector. But that wasn’t all: In 2009, the GHOST Team was the world’s most successful women’s team and also won the UCI World Cup Overall Team Championship. As a bonus, Lisi Osl won the Overall German Bundesliga in 2009 and 2010, and was number one in the UCI world ranking in 2009 and 2010.

Alexandra Engen took several titles in 2012: as the overall winner of the German Bundesliga and a sixth place finish at the Olympics in London she was the most successful of the four GHOST athletes. After winning a World Cup race came the young Swede’s biggest success in 2012 – the World Championship title in the Cross-Country Eliminator.

In 2013 she continued her winning streak, and after several World Cup victories became the World Cup Overall XCE champion, followed in the fall by another World Champion title. Starting in 2017, Malene Degn from Denmark and Junior runner-up World Champion Lisa Pasteiner are complementing the team. Both young talents will be given the opportunity to develop slowly and to benefit from the wealth of experience their teammates are happy to share with them. 

The basis of this innovative race project is a team of four female riders under the management of Tom Wickles. The GHOST Factory Racing Team is made up by a team of four talented young riders from four different countries with an average age of 25 years, making it the most diverse international mountain bike team. 

Our achievements confirm our belief that trust and close cooperation can make anything possible in the sport of mountain biking. The foundation for success on the GHOST Factory Racing Team are our common goals, bonds and team spirit. Our team defines success not only through race results, but also through fair play and sportsmanship among competitors.

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