Our international Cross Country World Cup team

GHOST Factory Racing Team

GHOST Bikes has strong ties to the sport of mountain biking and has been a competent partner for international top riders for many years. After several professional engagements in competitive racing, GHOST founded its own Factory Racing Team in 2011. Its goal: to establish creative cooperation between manufacturer and athletes in the racing world.

Our first Olympic Gold Medal in Beijing in 2008 delivered proof of the performance potential of our bikes. In the 10 years following, our athletes have won countless National and International titles: German Bundesliga titles, World Cup titles as well as World Cup, European and World Championship titles.

The GHOST Factory Racing Team continually evolved over the course of the years. Currently, the team consists of five international talents from five different countries. We are the most diverse international mountain bike team in the World Cup and the average age of our riders is 23 years.

Their success confirms our approach, that in the sport of mountain biking, you can achieve a lot through trust and cooperation, common goals and a strong and profound team spirit. This includes not only fair play and respect among the team, but also towards the competition. 

The secret stars of the team

While there is always one on the track doing everything to maintain a leading position, there are always people in the background doing everything they can to make it possible: everyone counts - from team mechanics to physiotherapists to team managers. And everyone gives everything in critical situations. That’s how a team works.

Team stories 2019

Der Aufwand hinter den Kulissen

Wenn die Realität zuschlägt


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